7:21 AM

When The Moon Fall In Love

There’s a quote from Yasmin Ahmad’s Talentime that I love the most. It sounds like this;

" If the Moon can linger in the morning so bright, why can’t the Sun do the same at night? "

As I was walking back from my clinical rotation in Bons Secours Hospital today, the day was very beautiful and sunny, so I looked up to the blue sky spotted with white fluffy clouds to enjoy every moment of it and I realized the moon is still there not even hiding behind the clouds at 11.30 a.m.

And so I remembered the quote from the movie and yes, it’s true. The Moon even lingers up till noon when the day is very sunny. But it would not even appear on a gloomy rainy day when the Sun is hiding not showing himself. So I started to have this kind of imagination and fantasy about the Sun and the Moon.

For me, I always think, the Sun as a male as it portrays the Masculine features of strong, bright but sometimes could be very vulnerable. The Moon on the other hand is the female, with endless beauty, very serene to look at but could be very lonely. They made a very good and perfect couple, like it was destined from Heaven.

Have you ever thought that the Sun and the Moon are actually lovers?


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